Earlier this year, the Fitbit introduced a pair of new tracker called the Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Blaze. It was pegged for a spring release and the good news is that Fitbit is releasing gold variants of the Alta and Blaze alongside new bands and also a gold accessory if you already own a Blaze.

First up, the Gold series. Like the Blaze, the Alta is now getting a new hand polished, 22 karat gold-plated edition which comes with a black or pink sport band for $149.95. An optional shiny, gold-plated bangle named Alta Luxe Metal Bangle – presumably not 22 karat – can then be added for an extra $129.95. So for the blingiest opt you are looking at around $280.

Fitbit Alta

Secondly, the 22-karat gold-plated, stainless steel Blaze has a ‘satin finished’ frame and it comes with a slim, tapered pink band. It’s $229.95 but if you already have a Blaze, you just buy the gold-plated frame, with either a pink or black band, as a $99.95 accessory.

Also new are a silver stainless steel frame comes with a slim camel leather band for $99.95 and individual nylon bands in khaki and olive colours that Fitbit is calling its leisure collection.

There’s also five new clock faces, to add the existing four, and reminders to move for two or three minutes an hour are now on the watch itself.

The new gold-plated Blaze (and a similarly gold-plated Alta) are up for pre-order direct from Fitbit. The new devices already on sale in the US at Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom with international availability coming in September. The Blaze update will roll out in September.