Google unveiled a new Android feature called Nearby, which will suggest applications that can be helpful to you, given your current location. While the company did not specifically say that Nearby is meant to be used with Instant Apps, it follows a natural progression and Instant Apps is still in testing, but it makes sense that it would be tied into this feature in the future.

With the new Nearby, you’ll receive push notifications on your Android phone that will help you easily get apps that will be useful in the situation that you’re in. For example, you’ll be able to get the CVS Pharmacy app to help you print photos while you are at a CVS Pharmacy. You could also get the United Airlines app for free in-flight entertainment while you are at the gate waiting to board your flight.
google nearby app
Google hopes that Nearby will help improve app discovery when you are on the go. The Google Play store has more than 1.5 million Android apps, but many are only meant to be used in specific situations and locations. If you don’t know about an app or can’t easily find it, then it may as well not exist.

In addition, select Google devices including Google Cast and Android Wear watches will use a similar function to suggest the installation of its own apps when you’re near them.

Google says that Nearby has already started to roll out to the users as part of a new Google Play Services release. It’ll work with devices running Android 4.4 and up.