Do you have a photo that is almost perfect in every way – save for that one glaring red date stamp that invariably draws the gaze of anyone looking at it? Sometimes date stamps or other text on photos can severely detract from their appearance, which is why it helps to be able to remove them if necessary.

How to Remove Text or Date Stamps from Photos

At first you may understandably feel that trying to remove text or date stamps from photos is complicated. In most cases you’d probably be right, but fortunately Movavi Photo Editor can help you to simplify the process and make it pretty painless. With its help you should be able to quickly remove text from image, while ensuring that no imperfections are left behind either.

When you next want to remove any text from a photo, just launch Movavi Photo Editor and click on the ‘Browse for Images’ button to load the photo. Once it appears, click on the ‘Object Removal’ tab in the upper part of the interface to access the features that you’ll need.

In the panel on the right you should see several tools, one of which is the ‘Brush’. Click on it and use it to mark the text that you want to remove, or try using the ‘Magic Wand’ if you have any difficulty doing so. When you’re satisfied that you’ve marked the text as precisely as possible, click on the ‘Start Erasing’ button and Movavi Photo Editor will delete it.

Sometimes no matter how carefully you selected the text that you removed, some imperfections and traces may be left behind. To get rid of them select the ‘Stamp’ tool in Movavi Photo Editor and use it to copy part of the image from elsewhere and paste it over the imperfections. Needless to say you should aim to copy a part that is relatively similar, so that it masks the difference as much as possible.

If you are satisfied with the results, you can click on the ‘Save’ button to save the photo. However before you do it would be beneficial to take a few moments and explore the other features in Movavi Photo Editor. With the help of these features you could enhance the quality of your photos, apply artistic filters, insert new captions, touch up portraits, transform the frame, and much more.

Although you may solely be interested in removing a date stamp or some other text from your photos, you can’t go wrong if you spend a few minutes getting acquainted with the other features in Movavi Photo Editor. Not only could they help you to improve your photo directly, but they may even give you different ways in which you could bring out the best in it.