Meet intelliPlug, created by cnct, is a small smart plug that generally does no longer block the usage of surrounding outlets while plugged in. That is some thing that different smart plugs have troubles with as they’re regularly too huge and/or tall.

intelliPLUG WiFi Enabled Smart Plug Design

The intelliPLUG, the WiFi-enabled smart plug measures 2.17×1.08×1.89 inches (55 x 27.5 x 48mm) and weighs 2.0 ounces (57g). The plug has a rounded compact form factor that allows it to easily stay on any wall outlet, while the minimal design style means that it blends well with various interior decoration styles. Moreover, its exterior is made from fireproof polycarbonate for a durable and safe construction.

intelliPLUG WiFi Enabled Smart Plug Features

The intelliPlug WiFi Enabled Smart Plug works with Amazon Alexa, but cnct plans to bring full Google Assistant compatibility to the smart plug ‘soon’. The company claims that once the device is fully funded, it’ll use these funds to finish the intelliPlug’s development and build more features. But this is crowdfunding, so anything could happen.

The intelliPlug’s mobile app, available on iOS and Android, and it’ll supposedly let users do even more with the plug. In addition to being able to tell it to turn on and off, users will be able to set times, schedules, and even allow a smart charge feature that turns the switch off when it detects that the item plugged into it is fully charged.

intelliPLUG WiFi Enabled Smart Plug Price

The intelliPLUG has been available for preorder thru Indiegogo (flexible crowdfunding goal). User could pledge $10 to preorder the smart plug with Amazon Alexa. It’d be shipped in September this year.