During CES this past January, Alexa seemed to be everywhere, from creepy robots to the capacious refrigerators. Even smartphones (coming soon). But Logitech waited until the middle of February (yes, that is now) to launch Alexa support for its excellent (and expensive) ZeroTouch magnetic car dash. The company has also updated the companion app for the product, allowing customers in the U.S. and UK to respond to “Hey Alexa” queries while driving.

Now, in addition to sending texts or starting GPS directions, you will be able to use Alexa to answer questions, and control smart home devices, or even order things straight from your car. In a year where the Alexa integration is bigger than ever and car manufacturers are already touting vehicles with Amazon’s assistant built in, the ZeroTouch update now marks perhaps the easiest way to add Alexa to almost any car. Included in the update is the ability to send and read emails and accept calendar invitations through the ZeroTouch app.

ZeroTouch update

What makes Alexa and Logi’s ZeroTouch hands-free system combination unique is the fact that it will now turn any low-end vehicle to an Alexa-powered automobile. Hence, it’s now the fastest way to add an artificial voice assistant’s services to your vehicle.

Apart from Alexa’s progress in automobiles, Amazon is planning to reveal an Alexa powered speaker-touchscreen combo next year. It will add a screen to an Echo like device, which could be tilted in whatever direction you want, so as to viewing from everywhere. The info comes from people intimately familiar with the matter, who have requested to remain anonymous.

The Alexa update is free for all current ZeroTouch users and it is available in the United States and United Kingdom starting today. The ZeroTouch is still only compatible with Android devices (due to iOS restrictions), and it is available from Logitech for $59.99 for an air vent-mounted version, while a dashboard version costs $79.99.