Netflix announced the launch of video previews. In the announcement,company was quick to point out that these weren’t teasers or trailers, but instead a way to help users make the better decisions about what to watch.

The goal of the preview video is a part of an attempt to make the streaming experience more better. The company is set to launch more original content than ever before in 2017 — along with more than 1,000h dedicated to Netflix owned and produced TV and movies — and in order to not overwhelm subscribers with an endless choice of content, the preview has been installed to help them make that decision making process easier.

video preview
video preview

The video preview aids users by ‘highlighting the story, tone of a title, and characters’ — which totally sounds like a trailer. These ‘not-trailers’ will automatically play on the title page when you click to view more information about a show or film.

The company said that during the testing, the preview videos helped viewers to ‘browse less and watch more’.

Netflix users can save the videos for offline viewing, in addition to streaming series and films at no extra cost.

The move follows similar strategies by the Netflix’s rivals, including Amazon, who launched Amazon Prime – which allows you to watch content offline – last year.

The previews are currently limited to the TV streaming experience, though it’d be launching on eligible devices (game consoles, Roku, etc.) in the next few days. Smart TV updates will go live in the coming months.