Slack announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, which will bring a number of latest features, including deeper integrations with the Google services, to its collaboration platform for the teams. Among the additions are new bots for the notifications, as well as support for the Google’s recently launched document previews, Team Drives, permissioning and more.

Slack and Google were early partners during the lifecycle of the chat service which gives business users a set of rooms where they can discuss work, share files and more. Microsoft just announced Teams, a similar service that integrated into Office 365 that’s currently in beta.

slack introduce google drive bot
Slack and Google

Starting next year, Google Drive will automatically extend permissions on a file to any member of a Slack channel the file is shared to. So instead of having to manually alter who can access the file, Slack will do it for you. You will also be able to view more detailed previews of a file’s contents, whether it is a spreadsheet or document, right within Slack. And to save time, a Google Drive Slack bot will now take over notification duties from the Gmail, pinging you about edits and other changes to a file. You will then be able to reject, approve, and resolve comments and changes to that file from buttons in the bot’s message thread.

Slack will work with Google Team Drives, too, if the company is using this newer service. Files shared in Slack will be uploaded automatically to the Team Drive, and Team Drive updates are also shared back to Slack.

For Microsoft, of course, Google is much more of a competitor than Slack. In that scenario, Google Drive is the dangerous free alternative to Microsoft’s Office 365 product, the very same subscription which nets more than 85 million Office users a free ticket to its Teams app. So it’d seem Slack is more interested in cozying up to Google than indirectly making it easier to use Microsoft products in the workplace.