Sony has announced its top of the line APS-C E-mount mirrorless camera, the a6500. The flagship APS-C camera gains five-axis image stabilization and touchscreen operation. Also a larger buffer and more processing power that help set it apart from the existing a6300. It makes use of the same copper-wired 24MP sensor with 425 on-sensor PDAF points but gains a faster (LSI) processor to enable high speed operation. Sony also promises to improved processing at high ISO settings, all thanks to this new LSI.

The a6500 has a continuous shooting speed of 11fps, as well as continuous AF and the exposure tracking speeds of 8fps when shooting in live-view mode (which ‘makes it easy to track fast-moving subjects, as it combines all of the benefits of an electronic viewfinder with immediacy of an optical viewfinder,’ Sony says). The expanded buffer enables the camera to shoot up to 307 frames in a row.

Sony a6500

These storage and speed benefits are thanks to a new front-end LSI chip, that also helps to improve photo and video quality.

One of the biggest additions to the a6500 over existing models is the touchscreen control. Previously reserved for the company’s more point-and-shoot orientated models, the touchscreen makes it the quicker to specify the AF point position (a significant frustration with the a6300).

A rear 3.0-inch 921.6k-dot touchscreen LCD monitor is available and it has a tilting design to benefit shooting from high and low working angles, and the touchscreen design enables for intuitive touch-to-focus control. Additionally, for the wireless remote control over the camera, and for just sharing imagery online, built-in Wi-Fi along with NFC permits linking with a mobile device for intuitive wireless control.