Super Death Fortress is the perfect replication game with amazing features and it is a game where manning a lone outpost as leagues of enemies parachute in to shoot you down feels. As much like your typical endless adventure on mobile as it does a commentary on UK military policy over the last two decades.



The game opens with one stage available and one weapon – a grenade launcher that, in almost Angry Birds style, you have to aim and launch at enemy after enemy. Doing so is a question of drawing your finger out in a line away from your clay bunker and then letting go. The further you draw that line out, the harder the shot will be, with the angle of your fire also crucial to whether you manage to take out an enemy or two.

Those enemies drop in from the sky and land on the uneven ground, slowly making their way towards you in waves and firing when they get in range. The idea, therefore, is to hold them off for as long as you can, blowing up as many soldiers as you can with each shot in order to earn more coins. Somewhat uniquely, progression in this free-to-play release is entirely on your own terms.

If you only ever want to play the first, rather barren stage, that is entirely up to you. Men are dropped within mere yards of your turret at very short notice, diverting your attention away from the masses already firing on your position on the hillside to those immediately in front of you.

Final Decision

The aiming system may be spot on, but ‘Super Death Fortress’ take on total war is a little too one dimensional to be a long term prospect, with its method for forcing you out of play upping the number of enemies landing in your territory proving a little too repetitive to truly stand out as an all conquering tower defense title.