Google just launched a new storytelling app that will help kids create their own cartoons, giving the software the new ability to work in 3D. And, it’s still free.

It’s called Toontastic 3D. Kids can use it to make animations using a set of built-in characters or create their own using the app’s editor and camera. They can record the sound and create a story, which is saved as a 3D video.

Toontastic 3D
Toontastic 3D

The original Toontastic app launched for Apple’s iOS in 2011 and it was later folded under the Google umbrella after the company bought app-creator Launchpad Toys two years ago. The original app named one of The New York Times’ top apps the year it was released and it scored high ratings from educators for helping students hone their communication and creativity skills.

The new Toontastic 3D app has one exceptional feature and that is the addition of expansive and interactive worlds that kids (or adults!) can set their stories in. First, we have to select how many acts we want our story to have. The app lets us select these acts from three story arcs- Short story, Classic story and Science report. The next step requires us to either select a pre-designed setting or to draw our own background.

Kids can also take selfies to add their faces to adventures and mix their own soundtrack with dozens of built-in songs and more. These interesting features make Google compare the Toontastic 3D app with a “digital puppet theatre”.

Google isn’t keeping the fun to themselves. Despite being the owners of the Launchpad Toys, they will not play hardball — Toontastic 3D will be available on both iOS and Android devices starting today. Oh, and here is another benefit of having access to Google’s nearly inexhaustible storehouse of money — the app is now free to download.