TomTom has announced the Spark 3, the successor to the Spark adding a redesigned strap and the ability to view routes on the watch. In its new guise as the TomTom Spark 3 (or Runner 3), you get all the features of the current models, but boosted with the route tracking feature.

It’s noticeably softer and thinner and for anyone that has tried to wear the Spark for 24/7 activity tracking, that is definitely a good thing. The strap’s inner side is more textured as well, which will apparently help wick away sweat.

You’ll still benefit from the satnav maker’s GPS tech, 24/7 activity tracking and there is still a 3GB music player with a redesigned pair of Bluetooth headphones now available to stream music wirelessly from the Spark 3.


When you activate tracking in the standard way, you’ll now get an overview screen and a zoomed in screen to see your route, that uses the compass to orientate the arrow as you move your wrist. Data can be integrated with the likes of MapMyRun and Strava so you are not relying on the far from perfect TomTom MySports companion app.

According to TomTom, the Spark 3 will last you 11 hours of consistent GPS tracking but if you’re just using it as an activity tracker it will go for three days.

The Spark 3 is going to be available in the same variations as the original, it letting you pick whether you really need a built-in music player or heart rate monitor. Prices start at $119.99 going all the way up to the $249.99. Will it be worth the upgrade? Adventurous runners will surely be enticed by the route tracking, a feature that is usually reserved for more expensive running watches.