MacBook users seeking out a way to add the notable magnetic power connection which Apple foolishly removed from their brand new MacBook laptops. May be interested by a brand new USB-C magnetic MacBook cable that is being created called the Vinpok Bolt. Using Vinpok Bolt USB-C magnetic cable you could bring MagSafe function back on your MacBook pro, and the USB-C cable additionally supports QC3.0 fast charging.

Bolt Magnetic USB-C Cable Design

The Bolt is a high-performance and versatile magnetic USB-C cable that measures 6.6 feet (2 meters). As we can see from the images, the magnetic charging cable shows off a sleek and low-profile design along with two color options, and it’s put through the tensile test 4,000 times to make sure a durable construction.

Bolt magnetic USB-C cable

Bolt Magnetic USB-C Cable Features

The Bolt magnetic USB-C cable features a custom and ultra compact magnetic tip that’s designed to stay in the charging port of your USB-equipped MacBook or smartphone. Furthermore, the magnetic cable supports 87W USB-C power assorted charging so it’s able to deliver a max current range of 4.3 Amps, and using a built-in chipset, it provides a stable and fast way to charge your MacBook Pro and other USB-C devices. Moreover, its intelligent recognition system allows the cable to adapt to the different voltages for various devices.

Moreover, using the magnetic connection, the Bolt magnetic cable prevents your MacBook or other USB-C devices from tumbling to the floor for extra protection. In addition, the cable also supports QC3.0 quick charging.

Bolt Magnetic USB-C Cable Price

The team behind Bolt is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. You can pledge $24 to preorder the magnetic USB-C cable. It’s expected to be shipped in October 2017.