A good sleep can fully restore your all the energy for the hours to come, while an interrupted waking or sleep at the wrong phase can be harmful as no sleep at all. The Sunrise Smart Pillow does a few things to solve this issue. It wakes you up with light and sound. It features gently glowing lights from red to yellow, and kickstarts your body hormones so that you do not feel groggy in the morning.

It not only serves as a smart alarm, it also has wireless audio, so you can listen to fan, nature sounds, or binaural beats to get in the mood to sleep. It also has Blue Light technology to help you combat fatigue. The pillow is also smart enough to detect your sleep cycle and wake you up in the right phase. That means your pillow will start to emulate sunrise before your alarm goes off, to ensuring that by the time you open your eyes, you are feeling rested.

Sunrise Smart Pillow
Sunrise Smart Pillow

In fact, the Sunrise Smart Pillow also includes six clinically proven methods to help aid in better sleep. These include a sleep tracker, smart alarm, fan sounds and sound conditioner, binaural beats, nature sounds, and guided meditation. Smart features are controlled by an iOS or Android app. The company suggests turning the lights on manually and using them for the reading before bed because this smart pillow has white light for the reading and blue light to fight fatigue and to increase focus.

A hidden storage pocket reveals a wired remote control, that provides an alternative way to control your Sunrise smart pillow. And the remote has a power button, a volume buttons, snooze button, and a button for the reading lights. Recharging your pillow can be done through a Micro USB port located on the remote control.

Currently, you can pre-order this Sunrise Smart Pillow for $100, with an estimated delivery date of 2017 August .