Yi is the drone maker company best known for its Xiaomi Yi, a drone that they created along with Xiaomi. Now Yi Technology is back with the another drone called the Yi Erida. According to YI, it will be a Tri-Copter drone called Yi Erida, and it’ll be a Carbon Fiber built drone. Top speed for this new member in the drone family will be 75MPH (about 120 kilometers per hour).

Furthermore, the company claims the Yi Erida can do flights up to 40 minutes on a single charge that is almost double the flight range of a usual 350-sized tricopter. This is what Sean Da, Co-Founder and CEO of YI Technology had to say about this drone ‘Our drone is the culmination of decades of expertise and experience in imaging and aeronautics with a focus on producing a drone that addresses the shortcomings of the current market leaders, to exceed the industry standard’.

Yi Erida

From initial announcements it seems that the drone will not feature a remote, but use a dedicated app.

Another interesting features are a foldable design there two of the quadcopters arm fold back for easy travel and a gimbal for steady shooting.

The Drone will be fitted with the recently announced Yi 4K camera and will mostly come with a two-axis gimble. The Yi Erida is expected to come with a laser sensor that would maintain the altitude of the flight irrespective of the terrain.

The Yi Erida drone will ship with the Yi 4K camera that was announced a few months back.