Heads-up displays in vehicles are good for finding directions, learning about the upcoming traffic problems or congestion, and providing information about the speed limits and other road hazards. The trouble is that most third-party displays can cost hundreds of dollars. But one company is looking to change that. Meet HUDIFY. A Toronto based company that’s looking to take the heads-up display market by storm. By offering a HUD solution that not only has the same functionality as compared to other premium models, but also has a price tag that rivals others. Of a price tag of only $45 this model is a game-changer in the heads-up display world.


Hudify partnered up with Navmii, a GPS mobile app, and to provide accurate directions to its users. ‘Hudify’ is a heads-up display for vehicles that makes it easier for drivers to safely take in important information. The display projects info gleaned from an accompanying app onto a translucent screen, speedometer readings, letting drivers get directions, and other important details without having to divert their eyes from the road.

How does it Work?

The HUDIFY directly connects with your smartphone, whether you are using Android or iOS, it will work for both.

HUDIFY illustrates the process of using the device with three simple steps:

  1. Download the Navmii app or ANY HUD-based app
  2.  Place Hudify on your dashboard in front of the screen. The flexible mount attaches to the dashboard using a ‘high-strength adhesive’.
  3. All set to go!


You can fund Hudify now, and you’ll get it by July 2017, as per estimates. There are 7 days to go to fund this project, and it is very close to reaching its CA$ 1,20,000 goal (at the time of the writing it had raised CA$1,12,041)

If Hudify sounds familiar, that is because a similar product called Hudway was also successfully funded on Kickstarter, and sells at $80.