Earlier, Apple introduced its awesome little wireless headphones, touted as the Apple AirPods. The ultra weight and truly wireless ear buds, offering a high-quality sound and reliable wireless connection. Unfortunately, it has only available only in one color, which is standard white color. And most of the people were demanding that it should have come in different color options.


Recently, the ColorWare – popular aftermarket coloring service has announced that they are accepting orders to customize Apple AirPods in various color options. And finally, now the wait is over, the ColorWare has just announced the ability to customize these awesome little earphones with your favorite color. The most interesting thing, the ColorWare offers you to customize AirPods with 58 different color options.

Among 58 different colors, you can choose whatever you want for both left and right ear bud. The two ear buds don’t have to match each other, means the company offers you to customize each ear bud with a different color. There is also two finish options are available: either a matte or glossy finish, so you can select what type of finish you desire.

Along with a wide variety of colors, the company is also offering you a Jet Black color as well to go with Jet Black iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. The color options included oranges, blue, green, red, pink, gray and much more. You can choose between either solid colors or metallic.

Moreover, the AirPods case is also available for customization at an additional cost. You can customize the case with the same color options, as same as your ear buds, so could match everything. Or if you want to look something unique and crazy, so you have also a different color for the case and each bud as well. In terms of price, the customize ear buds will cost $289 and if you want to customize case as well, so you have to pay slightly more, for $319.