Manufacturing industries are changing, and many shops are discovering that their clients are demanding much higher quality standards from their suppliers than before. You’re left with the problem of figuring out how to meet those quality standards without reinventing the entire shop. The answer is a coordinate measuring machine: a quality and precise measurement tool that can vastly improve the quality of your products without requiring reinvestment in your machine tools. With high-accuracy metrology equipment, you don’t need to improve your machining equipment in order to improve quality, as it will not pass components with out-of-tolerance dimensions. By contrast, even the best-equipped shop cannot guarantee the correct dimensions without a high-precision metrology system.

Zeiss Prismo 7

The Zeiss Prismo 7 is one of the most accurate products on the market without sacrificing speed, with a measurement error of only 0.5+L/500 millimeters that makes it ideal for high-precision industries. You can find the Zeiss Prismo 7 for anywhere from 50-65% of the price it would run new at metrology dealers like Canadian Measurement-Metrology Inc. (CMM), who buy, inspect, repair, and sell pre-owned metrology equipment.


What distinguishes the Zeiss Prismo from other solutions on the market is the speed at which it scans, thanks to its automatic measuring speed configuration that maximizes speed without compromising precision. It also employs helix scanning, fast stylus calibration, and tangential approach scanning to maintain high speeds at all times.


A computer-guided corrections system keeps the Prismo accurate despite any influences on the machine, guaranteeing its accuracy even under harsh conditions.

Close to Production

This is a shop-floor ready tool, meaning you can keep it close to your production line, cutting down on wasted time and the potential for wasted products. The sooner you can catch tool errors, the fewer reworks you will wind up with and the less scrap you will have to write off.

The Details

So how did they make this high-speed, high-accuracy, shop-floor ready piece of equipment? It uses a carbon fiber compound bridge that’s super light yet still strong, glass ceramic scales that are temperature-neutral, and vibration damping combined with covered scales and guideways to enable near-production measurement.

There are few pieces that compete with the Zeiss Prismo 7, but you don’t have to stretch your budget to get it. Used coordinate measuring machines can still give your shop decades of use with the right maintenance and periodic upgrades, but beware where you make the purchase. If you want to avoid the hassle of potential mechanical failures and parts replacement when buying Zeiss CMM equipment at CMMXYZ, you can rely on a vendor that takes their used equipment inspection plan seriously and checks every feature before resale, including:

Buying a used coordinate measuring machine is a great way to keep purchasing costs down and still meet the rigorous quality standards demanded by your industry. The right vendor, like CMM, takes the risk out of buying pre-owned, and gets you up and running right away. It’s too costly to compromise on quality assurance, but that doesn’t mean you have to break your budget to guarantee high-quality production.