The ISAW Wing is the less costly kin of the ISAW Edge, missing the feature 4K video shooting, while including a marginally less extensive mounting group. Despite the fact that it’s a lot less expensive, there’s still bounty to praise this GoPro similar. Accordingly, there is a significant decrease in video shooting alternatives, and the top still-picture determination has dropped from 16 MP to 12 MP, with no RAW capacity either.

ISAW WING WiFi Action Camera

By and by, the primary misfortune here other than 4K is the capacity to shoot at a higher edge rate and after that play back at a slower one for smooth moderate movement. Since this is something activity camera clients do consistently.

The somewhat less liberal mounting pack loses the suction mount of the Edge. The additional connections for developing the length of the association and pivoting it 90 degrees are likewise absent, with one less screw fitting. The defensive convey pocket has been forgotten, as has the different tripod mount.

There is an open sponsored lodging also, for simpler access to the controls, despite the fact that the waterproof lodging has outer catches that permit control of the considerable number of capacities. There are cement surface mounts for level and bended surfaces, with an additional cement cushion each. There is a slide in association for use with these.

2 screw fittings are given. The reach here is extensive. The mounts included with the Edge are likewise accessible independently, close by a move bar mount, head strap, mid-section strap, outside and auto chargers, a USB amplifier connector, additional batteries, a surf mount, simple video links and a WiFi remote.

The Edge wears a 16-megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS; Isaw hasn’t distributed the make of the sensor inside the Wing. Luckily, whatever it is, its execution doesn’t let the side down. Helped by a quick, though small, f2.2 lens, the Wing oversees conventional shading loyalty and subtle element in low light. There are indications of graininess. Shading constancy is good, however the picture is somewhat gentler – in spite of the fact that there’s no confirmation of antiques, and lens mutilation isn’t especially forceful either, for an activity camera.


The ISAW Wing offers astonishing worth for an activity camera, with fair picture quality, a great mounting pack, and various top of the line highlight