Samsung has introduced that it will likely be taking its newest soundbar to CES in Las Vegas. Referred to as the NW700 Soundbar Sound+, it replaces the MS650 Sound+ from 2017. Some of adjustments had been made because the MS650, together with a serious diet, as the NW700 is 41 percent slimmer than its predecessor.

The dramatic weight loss is so the NW700 may be higher integrated in the home, with Samsung envisaging it being installed on a wall underneath considered one of its personal awesome-slim TVs, but it’s also as it’s as much a piece of art as it’s a TV sound boosting bar.

It additionally boasts distortion-cancelling technology, which predicts distortion obviously as a result of speaker movement and makes vital changes to fight it.

Samsung NW700

The NW700 Sound+ also supports three sound modes: the more commonplace ‘standard’ and ‘surround’, and a more unusual ‘smart’ mode which automatically adjusts volume and surround-sound effects based on what you’re watching.

Further details are thin on the ground, but if the Samsung NW700 Sound+ is anything like its predecessor it’ll also boast wi-fi streaming, wireless connection to an appropriate Samsung TV and compatibility with Samsung’s Wireless Surround Kit.

Inner its svelte frame are three speaker channels to no longer handiest direct sound toward the listener, but across the room as properly. It would not assist Dolby Atmos, some thing its predecessor can lay claim to, however like the preceding model, it ditches the wireless subwoofer in favour of a built-in woofer to assist hold muddle at bay.

There’s no word yet on when Samsung’s soundbar will hit the market or how much it will cost, but we could get more information at CES.