Most technology blogs will include photos in their blog posts to make it more interesting to read. If your blog offers reviews on gadgets, you have to include photos of gadgets that you take with your digital camera. You will want to load the photo into a photo editing software to edit it as much as you can until it look professional. You don’t need an expensive photo editor software with complicated features that are hard for beginner to understand how to use them. A simple photo editing software like Movavi Photo Editor for Mac will do as it contains all the photo editing features that you need to use for making your photo look professional.

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac allows you to improve the overall look of your photo if you snap the photo with a lousy camera. The Adjust tool can automatically correct areas in the photo that do not look right so that it look even better. If you take the photo with a tilted camera, the photo that you take will look not straight. You can straighten the photo by going to the Rotate tab in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac to adjust the angle. The straighten tool is very easy to use because you simply have to drag the slider to adjust the angle.

If you have difficulty adjusting it with the slider, you can use the Level tool. Movavi Photo Editor for Mac provides the Level tool to enable you to draw a horizontal or vertical guide to help you adjust the angle of the photo correctly. Rotating the photos is easy since you can rotate them by simply clicking on one of the 4 buttons for the 4 different angles from 90 to 360 degrees. The crop tool allows you to crop the photo by dragging the corner of the rectangle frame for area. You can also crop the photo by specifying the dimension of the photo that you want to retain in width and height.

Text can be added to your technology photo including small and large text to help the readers of your technology blog to understand what the photo is about. You can change color of the text from the drop down menu and the text you have added onto the photo can be rotated in any angle. You can also make the text half transparent by using the Opacity tool. If you need to have any object erased from the photo, you simply navigate to the Object Removal tab and select the brush to mark the unwanted object. You don’t have to fully color the unwanted object.

All you need to do is to make a few strokes of brushes on the unwanted object and then click on the Start Erasing tool. When you click on the Start Erasing tool, it will be like a miracle that the unwanted object has been erased without a single trace like it has never been on the photo before. There is a clone stamp tool in the Object Removal tab which will be useful in case the Object Removal tool leave bits of traces after erasing the object.