An Aspire V Nitro By Acer Black Edition is according to Acer’s own blurb, the apex of the Aspire V Nitro line. What that means in reality is it’s a premium, large but slim, 17- in laptop that can serve both as a modest gaming machine and a workstation, much like Apple’s 17-in Mac-Book Pro line used to be.



The Black Edition also includes Intel’s new Real-Sense 3D camera that can be used for gesture capture and facial recognition, which again has uses for both work and play. A 15-in model also exists, with the primary extra specialty of the 17-in model being the inclusion of an optical disc drive, as well as the larger screen size and extra connectivity. The Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition turned out to be a nicely powerful gaming laptop at a fair price, but clearly some corners were cut to get there.

Stylish Aspire V Nitro

The laptop has a black plastic shell that is lined with hundreds of ultra-thin ridges spanning the entire height of the laptop, with a glossy silver Acer logo plastered on the left-center. The screen is attached to a glossy, silver hinge on either edge, leaving a gap for the middle chunk, which is also silver and has “Aspire V Nitro” etched into the plastic. Compared to some of its entry level gaming laptop generation, the V Nitro is decidedly repressed in its design. Sure, it has the red back-light subtly pouring out from beneath the keys, but you won’t find any aggressive branding like on the Asus GL551, nor does it have overstated angles and curves like the Lenovo Y50.


As you would expect of such a large machine, the Acer Aspire V Nitro has plenty going on. However, one thing it can’t boast is a particularly spec-busting screen. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, it’s no higher than the 15-in equivalent. Instead Acer is relying on its quality and overall size to win customers over.

Having most of the ports all in one cluster on the right side isn’t the friendliest design for anyone planning lots of peripheral plug-ins. With everything on one side, you may need to run cords around the back for anything you’re using to the left of the laptop. Plus the USB ports are so closely aligned that a bulky cord or flash drive can block access to the other. On the gaming/graphics side, there’s an Nvidia GeForce GTX 860-M, which is a reliable mid-range gaming card. The higher-spec model offers a very slight upgrade to the 960M, which is a smidgen faster – it’s not going to overturning your gaming. This being such a big machine you of course get a full keyboard, including a numpad, and it’s backlit too in an interesting choice of red.