Everyone would agree upon how much we depend upon laptops and notebooks for office work as well as entertainment and social media. A functional device easy to operate and carry around gets the maximum number of brownie points and is especially popular among the young. Among students and young professionals, HP has gained quiet a reputation especially with these hybrid PCs. HP Laptop price is also one of the most significant contributing factors for the popularity of these devices.

Hp Laptop

These days convertibles and detachable from HP are making a buzz in the computer marketplace. These personal computers can be easily carried to anywhere and can be used the way you like it. They are quiet affordable and can be used as a notebook as well as a tablet. Let’s see what makes them so talked about:


No matter what you do, you can always be sure of working in ease. Thanks to its 360 degree hinge, you can easily convert it from a notebook to tablet mode while playing the most intuitive games to tent mode for watching movies. These handy devices are so flexible that it will surely change the way you work or watch movies.

We love our smart-phones because their touch screen allows us to do so much more; similarly these devices come with a highly sensitive touch screen to make your navigation smooth and quick. Owing to the Intel Inside® processor, a seamless performance can be expected from these multi-functional devices. Their hard disk drive of up to 1TB allow for better accommodation of music, videos, pictures, movies, office documents, presentations and so much more.

If you love music, convertibles have a lot to offer, the audio by B&O PLAY delivers authentic and rich audio experience to ensure you completely immerse in your music. To ensure better internet connectivity, Wireless WAN is offered with these devices.


Now you know that convertibles are a great investment, but do you know you can still move a step further and grab a detachable. The HP family of detachable laptops have gone the ultra-flexible way with these devices. You can go from notebook to a tablet in just a snap. With detachable hinges, uniquely adjustable stands and portable design, you will be ever-ready to mend and bend every rule of productivity and entertainment.

Your best companion when you are on the go, HP detachables can go from notebook to tablet to all-in-one. If you are travelling, a detachable device can be your next best friend keeping you entertained all the while. Also, when you have dual batteries, there is hardly any reason to worry about draining battery. The fan-less design ensures your PC runs cool (does not heat up) without making that annoying noise. Also, they come in such a wide range of colours and innovative textures that it will look as good as it works.

When you can go so flexible why would you want to settle with a normal laptop or a tablet? This device is like a functional laptop cum portable tablet —all at a price similar to that of an entry-level notebook.