The CORSAIR new BULLDOG set PC enthusiast imaginations racing with the prospect of finally bringing a full-performance, liquid cooled PC into the living room. They continuously developed since and collecting a Best of CES 2016 Honoree distinction, the CORSAIR BULLDOG finally realizes the potential of a full-performance liquid-cooled PC in the living room.

The Bulldog is an interesting piece of technology. Basically what Corsair has done is split the difference between ‘custom-built, boutique PC design’ and DIY computer just using stock parts.” You buy the Bulldog as a $400 bundle containing the chassis, mini-ITX motherboard, 600-watt power supply, and liquid CPU cooler.


Available as both a kit and via select configured sys from Micro Center in North America, BULLDOG includes a trio of innovations right in the box to bring the enthusiast PC to a living-room friendly form factor. It sleek industrial design and a console-sized case fit right in with the rest of your home entertainment gear.

Inside, there’s liquid cooling for both the processor and graphics card. BULLDOG comes with an Intel Z170 mini-ITX motherboard, Supporting up to three 2.5in SSDs or one 2.5in and one 3.5in HDD mount, BULLDOG carries all the features that you’d expect from a CORSAIR case. Builder-friendly layout, tool-free fittings and a standard mini-ITX form factor makes the upgrades easy.

Outside, the lower right-hand corner conceals front-facing ports designed to work along with a massive lap desk accessory, which is sold separately.

Corsair’s also going to be launching an accessory for the Bulldog, namely the Lapdog, following in the same quarter. The Lapdog is a wired lapboard for living room gaming, along with a spacious pad for a wired mouse. Interestingly, the Lapdog is mostly just a shell, as it has an empty housing which can fit a mechanical Corsair keyboard and a large cable management area for keeping cords out of sight.