Epson is looking to unearth the treasure pile of your moments with the new FastFoto FF-640, which can scan, sort and post your entire photo collection at a rate of one photo per sec. According to Epson, the fastest photo scanner in the world. It was designed to help people save all those old photos from the pre-digital era easily and quickly by scanning a photo each sec. In addition to scanning photos very quickly it can also restore faded photos to their original color.

The scanner has a 30-photo auto feeder allowing users to put a stack of old images into the scanner to be handled at once. This scanned images can be sent directly to a designated hard drive and the scanner offers tools to support uploading to the cloud storage and social media including Google Drive, Facebook, and Dropbox. FotoFast will scan the front and back of a photo or a postcard in a single pass, allowing it to capture dates or notes written on the back.

Epson FastFoto FF-640

In addition to scanning capabilities, the related Epson software organizes image files in such a way that they are easy to find using searchable metadata, ‘recognizable folder and file names,’ and a capture date that, when possible, uses the date the photo was taken rather than just the date it was scanned.

The scanner works for scanning items other than pictures with the ability to scan invoices, bills, home or business documents, or children’s artwork. The scanner is TWAIN compatible and works along with Windows or Mac computers. It also ships with the OCR software to create editable and searchable and editable scans of documents. The new FastFoto FF-640 is available now for $649.99.