Earlier three months, the Microsoft has already unveiled the Surface Studio peripherals, including Surface Mouse, Surface Keyboard, and Surface Ergonomic Keyboard as well. These peripherals were launched along with the Surface Studio in October. The company claimed that it will be available in the November, as the company promised, these latest accessories went on sale in starting of November in the United States.

surface studio accessories

And now these accessories has begun shipping in the other markets, but unfortunately the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard has not available in other markets yet. Only the Microsoft Surface Mouse and the Surface Keyboard has available for purchase in the UK and Germany. And for now, there is no word whether or not the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard will available there. The Microsoft Surface Mouse retails for £45 in the UK with free shipping offer and free return as well. While the Microsoft Surface Keyboard costs about £90.

Let’s take a quick review of the Surface Mouse features and specs; it has arrived with a simple and sleek design along with a metal scroll wheel. The mouse comes with the support for Bluetooth 4.0 technology, so you can connect it via Bluetooth to the Surface studio. The company described the Surface Mouse as the shape of the device fits perfectly in your hand and the metal scroll wheel feels solid under your finger.

As I mentioned above, both accessories are available in the Germany as well and priced at €55 for the Surface Mouse and €110 for the Surface Keyboard. The Surface Mouse and Keyboard are available in other markets as well. The markets included Canada (where the Mouse retails for $130 and Keyboard for $645), Australia (AU$80 / AU$160), and New Zealand ($90 / $180).