Raspberry Pi fan or those ones seeking to research more about robotics may be interested by a new Raspberry Pi powered robot arm known as the MeArm Pi, which has been created by way of Mime Industries primarily based in Nottingham within the united kingdom. It’s a KickStarter projector and the purpose is to get youngsters excited about technology via building their personal robot arm.

It’s a miniature robotic arm designed to be simple enough for a child to put together, and it’s controlled by both a pair of attached joysticks and more advanced coding through a Raspberry Pi. The firm has additionally prepare a simplified, block coding net software that makes it smooth to begin programming the arm thru a web-connected pc with out always needing to recognize how to code first.

The duo describe the MeArm Pi as “the world’s first robot arm” for the Raspberry Pi – a small yet powerful computer which can be used to learn programming – and hope to inspire children to get away from computer screens and realise their full creative potential.

The kit includes a Pi HAT that holds the joysticks for controlling the arm, and can also be controlled using Scratch, Blockly, Python or Javascript. Mime has also built an app using Node.js that uses block programming to control the arm. Also included are all the structural components, hex driven screws for assembly, an allen wrench, and four metal geared servos. Two colors are available, blue and orange.

Early-bird buyers can snag a build-it-yourself robot arm for £50 ($63)—£10 off the standard Kickstarter price. The kit comes with “everything you need to use it except the Raspberry Pi,” which comes bundled with a power supply and 8GB SD card for £110 ($138).

The first 1,000 products are expected to begin shipping in July.