The new Z170A Gaming M6 motherboard by MSI is a perfect solution for those of you who expect nothing but the best as far as performance is concerned.

MSI has fitted the MSI Z170A GAMING M6 with Twin Turbo onboard M.2, Audio Boost 3 together with a plethora of other game enhancing the features and supports high performance M.2 SSDs with support for NVMe and RAID.

Z170A Gaming M6

This includes actual gaming performance as well as audio quality and loading times, all of which are enhanced by the perfect MSI product. As far as looks are concerned, the Z170A Gaming M6 comes with a grey colorway, but there are also a few bold red touches and there for a plus of contrast. What really makes this motherboard stand out when compared to the other offerings is that it comes with Lightning USB and the next generation Killer networking technology.

With lightning USB MSI has connected their USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports via PCIe Gen3 x2 instead of PCIe Gen3 x1 or PCIe Gen2 x2, enabling MSI to offer higher potential data rates than competing solutions. This is possible by using ASMedia’s 2142 USB 3.1 Gen2 controller instead of their older 1142 controller, allowing USB 3.1 Gen2 devices to run much faster, especially when using the several devices at once.

Right now MSI has not revealed when this new motherboard will make it to stores or it is intended pricepoint, though at this time we expect it to be priced somewhere between MSI’s existing Z170A Gaming M5 and Gaming M7 motherboards.