MSI recently introduced the VR Boost Kit, a 5.25-inch front bay device that allows you to connect your VR headset to the front of your PC. It includes a matte black 5.25 inch drive bay crafted from high quality materials which will fit into almost all mATX and ATX PC cases.

The VR Boost Kit features an HDMI output, along with two USB 3.0 ports for additional connectivity opt. This means that it remains unaffected by issues with NVIDIA’s Pascal cards, where you have reported problems connecting to your headset over Display Port.

A stylish expansion slot bracket is included for the HDMI cable to be smartly guided from the back of the graphics card through the PC. If black doesn’t go well with the exterior of the PC, a matte silver cover is also included to create a lighter look. The MSI VR Boost Kit can be used with any MSI VR Ready graphics card and motherboard which supports USB 3.0 or higher.


If you are using a chassis with a spare 5.25-inch front panel bay and are interested in this new VR Boost Kit the following specifications might be worth checking, to ensure the compatibility; the internal wire length is 100cm for HDMI and42cm for USB 3.0, (so your motherboard needs to provide USB 3.0 support), the precise dimensions of the bay module are 149 x 43 x 75mm. The device weighs 318g.

MSI recommends the use of its Gaming App with the VR Boost Kit. The app lets you quickly switch between Gaming, OC and Silent performance modes and the latest version includes a ‘One-click to VR’ button. Additionally the software features EyeRest, to improve picture quality, and Dragon Eye, which allows you to watch a YouTube movie or stream while playing a game. MSI did not provide any availability or pricing information for the VR Boost Kit.