Beside the desktop chip, this gaming portable PC has different components that gamers will acknowledge, including a major 17.3-inch screen and blasting speakers to boot. The EON17-X additionally can be stacked up with the quickest PCIe SSDs and DDR4 memory. With all the accessible equipment choices, this 17-inch gaming machine effectively outpaces most gaming portable workstations and even desktop rigs.

Origin EON17-X

Like the Origin EON15-X and GIGABYTE Notebook with ultraforce, this 17-inch gaming tablet has a shockingly saved styling. You won’t locate any unnecessary track-lighting along the outside of the scratch pad or such a variety of rakish body highlights that it would seem that a Lamborghini marked tablet.

Rather, the Origin EON17-X is a stealthy gaming framework with a couple modern touches. The couple of bits of pizazz on the Origin EON17-X arrive for more than negligible tasteful reasons. Over the completely illuminated multi shaded console is the force catch flanked by two arrangements of markers that flag hard drive movement or when the parchment lock has been locked in.

At the front right edge of the portable workstation, you’ll find significantly more marker lights. The main apparently pointless piece of lighting on the scratch pad is found on the front lip, yet it makes a cool under shine impact. Close to the pivot holding up the screen, there’s an enormous speaker bar, and it’s not only for appear.

This portable PC can yield some knocking bass for gaming and full-bodied sound for motion pictures and music. The 17.3-inch screen is similarly as alluring, giving you an immense aiding of screen land, and additionally brilliant hues, wide survey edges and profound complexity levels out of the crate.

The Alienware 17 and Origin EON17-X are pushing the execution of leveraging so as to game portable workstations in different routes the force of two distinctive desktop parts.

In case you’re hoping to play some ongoing technique amusements before returning to altering video, the additional preparing force of the desktop chip inside the Origin machine will be more helpful.


The Origin EON17-X is well in front of its adversaries. Be that as it may, the capacity to connect to desktop representation or influence the force of two portable illustrations chips make the Alienware 17 and Aorus X7 Pro more grounded decisions for in-your-face gaming players.