The new name does not have the same pizazz as “Project Morpheus” but it is unquestionably a lot more recognizable with ‘PlayStation’ front and center. Most of the games are in pre-alpha stages, with the developers hoping to launch at the same time as Morpheus during the first part of 2016.


There is still no audio input aside from headphones you manually put on, unlike the consumer version of Oculus Rift but the sound is still crisp as ever. Being a horse while pedaling is jarring at first but really fun once you get the hang of it. The company will expand and let you be dragons, tanks and a bunch of other random things you would not expect.

Turning in virtual reality while actually being stationary isn’t a specially pleasant experience. There is a lot of movement involved and you are standing the whole time while using the thumbstick on the Move navigation controller to walk around. It isn’t as dizzying as it sounds though which was a nice surprise.

Super Hypercube is a game older than Project Morpheus and has been in development since 2008 but proves the VR headset is great for all sorts of games.

By using a Dual-Shock controller, you are necessarily trying to fit cubes into a cutout while more cubes are added as you move through. It is almost like a horizontal, 3D Tetris with the added difficulty and fun of VR.

Not much has changed regarding Sony’s last big announcements during GDC 2015 about Project Morpheus, but E3 2015 saw a slew of new games added to the roster.

The other games involved the more conventional Move controllers but were still immensely fun and immersive. Impulse Games wants to make a shooter with the Morpheus and what it has so far is a simple yet enjoyable game where creatures like spiders pop up to attack you.


Sony already has a leg up on providing motion controllers unlike Oculus’s Touch controllers which are still being developed.