Biometric technology has turn out to be a huge a part of the customer technology market, which is clear with new products like the Nebula star safe box that enable clean get right access and cozy safety from robbery.

Oncorporated with a biometric scanner that may store up to 12 distinct fingerprints, the secure will let users realize every time a person accesses it or attempts to gain access without your permission. Customers can remotely open the unit thanks to the accompanying app connectivity, a good way to are available in hand if it’s in an workplace surroundings or business and one-time usage is required with the aid of an authorized party.

Nebula Star Smart Safe Box Features

This device offers countless storage space and keeps your precious assets locked up until you want to access them. Lightweight and portable, with the newest NB-IOT, you may tune the safe everywhere and anywhere. Not like GPS, NB-IOT completely covers outdoor, indoor, and underground, and its variety is a hundred times wider than GPRS. you may tune it down with its actual place regardless of in which it goes. Download the app, check in your device and upload fingerprints to ensure which you are the handiest one with get right of entry to. in addition, the app connects via Bluetooth or WLAN, enabling you to free up the secure remotely. Likewise, you could use the app to song safe utilization, upload or eliminate fingerprints, change the LED band shade and extra. The Nebula celebrity is difficult and durable, featuring excessive strength plane aluminum alloy which could face up to over 24,000PSI. It’s even been examined to address the load of a vehicle driving over it.

Nebula Star Smart Safe Box Price

The biometric lock box is also accessible using the companion smartphone application and is now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from £186 or roughly $239. If all goes well worldwide shipping is expected to take place during January 2019.