Gaming peripherals come in all sorts of the different shapes and sizes, with none perhaps as diverse as the gaming headset. You can find all sorts of different designs, performance, and features if you look hard enough, but many tend to skimp on one area to bolster another. SteelSeries just wants to buck that trend and has unveiled a new line of audio headsets for the gamers, though it wants to make crystal clear that this isn’t a case of outfitting a product with dubious features, slapping a gaming label on it, and also jacking up the price, as peripheral makers are sometimes lazily prone to do. Instead, SteelSeries says that its new Arctis series represents a re-imagining of what a gaming headset should be.

SteelSeries Arctis

The SteelSeries Arctis Gaming Headsets uses the company’s best audio drivers across the board and introduce their ClearCast Mic to offer clear and natural speech.

Beyond looks, SteelSeries has completely reinvented the feel of the Arctis. Rather than sporting a headband along with adjustable arms and an air gap cushion, the new headset features a fixed-length body and an elastic band modeled after ski googles.

This lineup will come in three styles, but the company is assuring fans that it is not compromising the quality if you do not choose the high-end model. Whether you buy the Arctis 3 at $80, the Arctis 5 at $100, and the Arctis 7 at $150, they’re all come with 7.1 surround sound and a suite of impressive features. Arctis will join the Siberia line of the headsets as a new mid-range alternative for SteelSeries.