Sigma has recently announced a new model for Global Vision Art and Contemporary lens ahead of the CP+2017 (Camera + Photo Imaging Show) that opens tomorrow in Japan. The new lens is formidable telephoto prime with high speed aperture and ideal for shooting weddings, concerts, events, and studio / location portraiture.


The newly arrived lens is designed for professional photographers. The Sigma 135mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art Lens using a high resolution “full frame” DSLR cameras, and features dust and splash-proof construction, so photographers can take photo in bad seasons as well. The company promises that it cans cameras up to 50 megapixels without getting maxed out regarding the resolution. The camera has 13 elements across 10 groups and uses Sigma’s floating focus mechanism, as well as a hypersonic motor, as you might expect from a high-end lens like this one.

The lens features two SLD (Super Low Dispersion) glass elements and two FLD (“F” Low Dispersion) glass elements. Both they help minimize chromatic aberrations and deliver ultra-high resolution as well as clarity throughout the image, even at wide-open aperture. This lens also features a nine diaphragm blades that close to produce a rounded aperture.

The 135 focal length deliver a pleasing compression for portraiture and with the large diameter f/1.8 brightness makes possible a body shot with an impressive bokeh background and bumps up the speed a little from the typical f/2 aperture that found in many other first-party telephoto primes. The large aperture means that it is a decent chunk of kit, bringing with it an 82mm front filter size. The lens measures 91.4 × 114.9 mm and weighs 1,130 grams and has a minimum focus distance of 87.5 cm. The camera will priced about $400 in the United States.