Beneath the Lighthouse is an intentionally tricky beast, a game where the slightest wrong move results in death and, inversely by managing to pull off a stage without losing a life triggers a brief rush of lightness. Beneath the Lighthouse is, like most of the best mobile games, simple to pick up, even if completing it can be something of an ordeal.


Their presence means that progress throughout Beneath the Lighthouse is, at least on your first run through, particularly slow.

Instead of utilizing the iPhone’s accelerometer by rotating the levels is a case of simply moving them with the touch of your finger, with most stages requiring delicate and often prompt changes of direction in order to keep the boy away from harm.

The levels themselves are exactly made up of multiple different circles, with Beneath the Lighthouse splitting up the challenge so that if you die in the second part of the stage, for example, you are not sent straight back to the beginning a significant differentiation, if only because of the game is ticking clock.

Nonetheless, this level of frustration is no doubt intended developer Nitrome has a reputation for making its games as difficult as it can, and Beneath the Lighthouse is the kind of release that can have you stuck on one specific part of one specific stage for several minutes aplenty.

It all means that, while Beneath the Lighthouse is most decidedly not a bad game, by the same token it does not feel like one all too many folk will be playing by the time 2016 rolls into view, either.

Beneath the Lighthouse just does not offer any real differentiation from the scores of similar games in the physics genre that have launched on iOS or Android during the last 7 or so years, rather than playing out without really making a mark beyond its desolating difficulty.

Final Decision

Beneath the Lighthouse’s physics based play is utterly charming and peculiarly easy to pick up and play.