In gaming world, Razer is the amazing company which releases lots of gaming stuff. Now they have unveiled new gaming keyboard “Orbweaver”, which is easy to be used while playing games. The company’s BlackWidow mechanical keyboards were the first batch to have Chroma, but there are other keyboards in the roster getting the Chroma treatment, too. This time, it is the DeathStalker.


Chroma version of the Orbweaver gamepad. It features 20 keys, compared to the Tartarus’ 15 keys, the same eight-way directional pad, and two additional buttons, as well as adjustable modules for your hand, palm and thumb. This adds up to a grand total of 30 programmable keys, five more than the Tartarus Chroma. Two months ago, a Chroma version of the Tartarus gamepad was revealed. It featured the same 25 programmable keys as the original gamepad, as well as membrane switches.

For those who favor mechanical switches on their gamepad, you are now in luck. It seems inevitable that the entire lineup of Razer products will soon have the lighting software. The company already brought Chroma to unique peripherals such as its Firefly mousepad, and there are still a few keyboards, mice and other accessories that can be tweaked to include it. The Razer’s keypad has 20 programmable buttons, with the center buttons conveniently placed just where the fingertips fall set by default to the commonly used WASD keys.

The keys feature mechanical key switches with a short throw and light actuating force, making it a breeze to use. The keys are also backlit, with bright green backlight which can be adjusted through several levels of brightness. The Orbweaver adds several features over the previous Nostromo. The Nostromo offered some rudimentary customization with a two-position palm-rest, while the Orbweaver offers several more adjustable parts.

You will have to wait another month before you can get your hands on it, but now it might be a good time to start saving up, as the Orbweaver Chroma will cost $129.99.