A startup team from Berlin has created a table light in order to control all your smart home tech devices and respond on your questions. The Covi hub that comes strolling Amazon’s Alexa, so you can have interaction with it thru speech for controlling different smart gadgets or looking for answers in your questions on the internet.

COVI Smart Lamp Design

The COVI is a superbly designed and flexible smart lamp that measures 10.2×3.9inches (260x100mm) and weighs 2 lbs (950g). This new smart lamp having an minimum and stylish design that enables it to complement to any ornament style. The compact shape aspect allows the smart lamp to match on any floor in your room. In the meantime, the glass colour having a sand-blasted end plus its anodized aluminum base so that you can supply premium modern-day aesthetics.

COVI Smart Lamp Features

The smart hub comes equipped dual mode Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.0 and WiFi module, so it wirelessly joins in your local network and communicates with other smart devices. The COVI also works Amazon Alexa. The use of its 4 MEMS microphones and a 2.5-inch tweeter, it constantly recognizes your voice commands, so that you can simply ask your COVI questions, it’s going to searching for answers on the internet and give you audible answers. The hub can also wirelessly connect to different smart home devices in your house. Because of this you can remotely manage them using your voice while not having to take out your smartphone.

Furthermore, as a smart LED lamp, its built-in sensor makes it understand and adapt to your natural cycles, so based on different periods of the day, COVI automatically adjusts its brightness and color temperature to make you comfortable. Moreover, the lamp also reminds you of incoming calls, notifications from your phone or maybe sleeping by way of gently sparkling. COVI additionally help IFTTT which permits you to create greater interactions with other devices and on-line services. Other than these, the smart hub is open supply so different developers can without difficulty combine more features or create bridges with more devices.

COVI Smart Lamp Price

The group of COVI has raised sufficient fund to start the project through Kickstarter. We can still pledge €99.99 (approx US$111) to preorder the smart lamp with Alexa-enabled smart home hub. It might be shipped in August 2017 (estimated).