Amazon announced that it is releasing a new Amazon Fire TV streaming media stick and enabled remote for just $40, which just slot into an HDMI port and gives you access to streaming  services.

Fire TV stick

The Amazon new Fire TV stick which features has a quad core processor, better Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11ac MIMO), dual antenna and an included Alexa enabled remote which let you use voice search to find stuff to watch but still doesn’t stream 4K videos.

With Alexa voice remote you can use to voice for searching over 7,000 HD channels, apps and services. You can have voice control of playback with Amazon’s services. You’ll have to specify your favorites and the Fire TV stick has personalized recommendations for both Netflix and HBO to help you find something new to watch.

It is available for pre order of streaming device at and Amazon will give you two free months of a Hulu TV (with limited commercials), a free month of Sling TV and $10 in Amazon video credit. All of these services would normally cost $65.

The Fire TV stick will start shipping on October 20th. With the new model, you’ll get more power and the flexibility of using the remote with Alexa voice-controlled features.