This 5.1 speaker framework is assembled around the Zenzor Pico 5.1, another downsized variant of DALI’s Zenzor 1 stand mount. The bureau is around 30% littler, making it a more suitable alternative if space is tight. Zenzor Pico 5.1 can be blended and coordinated with different models in the Zenzor range, however this instant 5.1 framework highlights two sets of Picos for the front and encompass channels, the Zenzor Pico Vokal as the inside channel and the E-9 F subwoofer on bass obligations.

DALI Zenzor Pico 5.1

The E-9 F isn’t a piece of the Zenzor go yet coordinates alternate speakers stylishly. DALI is fit for making speakers with genuine pizazz and polish, as any individual who’s set eyes on the Fazon F5 will bear witness to. In any case, working inside of the imperatives of Pico’s lower sticker price, the organization has dialed down the charm for a more sensible box-molded undertaking.

The bureau, which measures 230-mm high by 141-mm wide, is wearing a lovely dark fiery debris vinyl complete, with a gleam dark puzzle and silver driver encompasses. They are secured by a dark material grille hung on by attachment fixings, not magnets.

Additionally, Zenzor Pico 5.1 comes in light walnut and white vinyl completes, both of which are sharp. Manufacture quality is fulfilling yet unspectacular; the vinyl polish and plug fixings are the signs of a financial plan cognizant speaker, a long ways from the lacquered plushness of DALI’s top of the line speakers, yet it’s fine for the cash.

The Pico Vokal offers the same decision of completions and hearty development. On a level plane molded to help position on a TV stand, the speaker’s little foot shaped impression improves the framework’s family room agreeable accreditations.

The E-9 F subwoofer arrives in a decision of dark slag vinyl and gleam dark, making it a decent match for the Zenzor speakers. Block formed, conservative and subtle, the E-9 F is one of the less demanding subs to suit, and like the Picos you can put it almost a divider because of the down-terminating bass port.

Volume, hybrid recurrence and stage controls on the back offer you some assistance with tuning the sub’s execution, while attachments incorporate LFE and L/R RCA line inputs. The tone of Zenzor Pico 5.1 is refined, and remains so when you wrench up the volume dial; there’s no spikiness or solidifying at larger amounts. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean the framework is tonally dull.

There’s animosity and assault behind discharges and banging metal, every impact anticipated from the bureau with force. For some odd reason Pico handles it all with easy control and balance. Dialog is unhesitatingly taken care of.

Indeed, even from behind his frightening veil you can make out what Immortan Joe is stating and there’s a lot of subtlety in each word. It could be somewhat more legitimate and full bodied maybe, however all in all you won’t battle to hear the terrifically vital work.

As such, so great, however the capable subwoofer is a little staying point. Its loud bass is the pulsating heart of the framework’s execution, conveying the pivotal 20-40-Hz thunder that the Picos can’t assemble all alone, however its considerable force makes it hard to coordinate with alternate speakers.

DALI Zenzor Pico 5.1 is an impressive system which presents refined, and feeling of filling sound from compact speakers, which will not make major demands on your space.