Elgato – the accessories manufacturer has recently expanded its Eve lineup of HomeKit-connected products with the latest temperature and humidity sensor, touted as the Elgato Eve Degree. This is a Bluetooth connected device crafted from anodized aluminum. It comes with a sleek and compact design and capable to detect temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure. In simple words, we can say it is a standalone room thermometer.

Elgato Eve Degree

The device is able to detect temperature between zero degrees to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. And the interesting thing is that it will monitor both outdoor and indoor temperature, so you can also check how humid your garden is. The Elgato Eve Degree also includes an LCD display, which will show you the temperature and humidity of your room or garden.

The Eve Degree is smaller and much better as compared to Eve weather and Eve room. It is a palm size device and measures at 4 x 54 x 15mm/2.1 x 2.1 x 0.6in. The device can easily sit on a flat surface or it can also be mounted to a wall, balcony, or window if you desired. What I like most about the Elgato Eve Degree is that the device is IPX3 certified, which should provide you resistance against light rain or splashing.

The device is powered by the coin-style CR2450 battery, which company claims that it should last up to a year and you can easily replace it by yourself. The device is also compatible with the iPhone and iPad through Bluetooth connectivity. So you can also view the graph of temperature and humidity on your smartphone as well. It displays you reading of temperature through an IOS app or the HomeKit app as well.

It is also Bluetooth compatible, means there is no Wi-Fi connectivity, but it uses cutting-edge Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which keeps your space truly wireless and energy efficient. If you are interested, so you can grab it via Amazon and other retailers for £60.