The XS1 is a sound-base from Philips’ Fidelio range, which also contains such astounding sound-bars as the HTL9100 and E5. This time round the speaker sits under your TV, working in tandem with a wireless subwoofer to deliver room-filling sound without taking up lots of living room space.


Operation, Functioning & Specialties

The XS1 is easy to set up, nevertheless remember to activate your TV’s CEC functionality. It all works seamlessly with Samsung set. The layout is cautionary volume controls are placed bang in the middle with bass and treble either side, and Bluetooth controls are within easy reach.

We also like the fact that each input and sound mode has its own button, while the sound functions such as audio sync are helpfully grouped at the bottom. The subwoofer pairs with the sound-base automatically, but you can pair them manually using the Connect button on the back of the sub. Once it is installed, day-to-day use is also hassle-free thanks to the well-designed remote. Its brushed-metal finish is stylish and the round black buttons are firm.

The XS1 is an extremely pleasing performer. It kicks out the sort of big, expansive soundstage that is way beyond what you would expect from such a slim and unassuming unit. Footsteps hit wooden floors with a solid, textured thud and Howard Shore’s silky score has a rich underbelly. The soundbase’s tone is crisp and incisive, lending a sense of excitement to the crackling flames and shattering buildings.

The XS1 offers a wide range of characteristics, as you would expect at this price. There is an apt-X Bluetooth, NFC and on-board decoding for Dolby Digital and DTS. The 3.1-channel soundbase uses six racetrack drivers, four along the front and one on each side.

2 of the front drivers are dedicated centre speakers that aim to bring extra clarity to dialogue, while the side-firing speakers add width to the soundstage. Each driver is supplied with 20W of amplification, while the subwoofer’s dual 6.5in woofers kick out 200W.


The XS1’s luxurious looks, plentiful characteristics and dazzling sound make it one of the amazing soundbases on the market, but certainly not one of the most affordable.