Leveraging the sun to prepare meals is not anything entirely new but the GoSun Fusion manages to innovate this concept by using combining solar energy with more conventional cooking power. GoSun has produced solar-powered ovens within the past and this new supplying capabilities the same cylindrical cooking chamber layout visible in previous models. This layout derives its warmth from two parabolic reflectors, which seize heat from the solar and transfer it into the cooking chamber.

However, the GoSun Fusion also introduces a 150-watt electric heater, which may be charged using a automobile’s cigarette port, a lithium-ion power bank or an attachable solar panel. This selection of the GoSun Fusion isn’t always intended to absolutely negate the device’s solar energy functionality but is meant to offer an opportunity to solar electricity when now not near direct sunlight.


GoSun Fusion Solar and Electric Oven Design

Designed for portability the GoSun Fusion offers a 3.2 liter prepare dinner tray massive enough to provide enough food for five full food and gives the “sweet spot among weight, sturdiness and value” say its creators. thanks to its solar power technology the cooker is the world’s cleanest oven and calls for No Fire – no soot, no emissions, no carbon crud, No gas – no wooden, no oil, no fuel, no risky flame and No burning – no smoke, no stink, minimal easy-up. permitting you to steam, bake and roast food at your amusement.

GoSun Fusion Solar and Electric Oven Price

Early bird pledges for the GoSun Fusion are available from $299 or roughly £228 with worldwide delivery expected to take place during April 2019. The GoSun is the company’s fourth solar cooker and is expected to start shipping worldwide during April 2019. For more information and full specifications jump over to the official Kickstarter campaign page. With still 50 days remaining on the campaign the team of already raised over $85,000 thanks to over 200 backers.