We’re well into 2016, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 still reigns supreme. As the number one smartphone of the year, it’s received top marks from the most respected critics. There’s little wonder why. This particular Android packs a powerful punch in terms of performance with a 2.1 GHz Quad-core processor. It also scores well with its fast charging and long-lasting battery, 12-megapixel rear camera, and its stunning 5.1” display. It’s an easy to use heavyweight without any of the bulk, which is why it’s edged out the rest of the competition, including Apple’s iPhone 7 and LG’s latest flagship, the G5.


But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It’s a powerful yet incredibly fragile piece of technology that fits into the palm of your hand. It can’t stand up to wear and tear as easily as a larger device, like a tablet. Its award-winning design also creates a few unique problems distinctive to the S7, and critics were especially unforgiving of Samsung’s decision to outfit the chassis in Gorilla Glass 4. The material, which picks up every fingerprint and smudge, is also highly reflective. The collection of grime and oil isn’t just an eyesore. It can make the S7 tricky to hold—which means one’s brand new Galaxy can end up with a fair amount of battle scars, including smudges, fingerprints, scratches and even dents from frequent spills out of your hands.

The best phone on the market needs a little help — but not much. All of these damages can be avoided with an S7 wrap. These accessories affix to the phone snugly, fitting over the device like a second skin, which is why they’ve earned the name of skins. But just like phones, not all skins are created equally. There will be average wraps that offer a modicum of protection. Then there will be those skins that pull ahead from the pack, such as those designed by dbrand. They use superior 3M vinyl that’s tailor-made for the Galaxy S7. This material provides a superior grip while shielding the smartphone from dents, scratches, and smudges. It also eliminates the Gorilla Glass’s fingerprint issues, as its grime-resistant vinyl doesn’t show dirt or oil from your hands.

This little addition can solve the minor issues that ended up shaving a few marks from its overall score, turning it into a near perfect smartphone. When you check out the newest skins and wraps from dbrand, you can also transform it into a personalized device, as the designers at dbrand created a line of customizable wraps. Their selection of finishes, textures, and colors include stone, carbon fiber, wood, and metal. In some cases, these patterns can be paired up in truly unique combinations. You’ll have the opportunity to create something totally distinctive to your personal tastes by choosing which color, texture, or finish suits your S7.

There isn’t much wrong with the Galaxy S7. As the best phone of the year, it already enjoys the placement at the top of most critics’ list. What few flaws it does have can be solved by a quality made 3M vinyl S7 skin. Choose the style that fits your personality, and you’ll have the best phone and the most fashionable one, too.