Lenovo showed two new devices namely: Lenovo Cplus and Folio at the Lenovo Tech World 2016 held in San Francisco. The lenovo Cplus is a bendable phone while the lenovo Folio is a foldable tablet. Another Chinese company, Moxi already announced to launch its first bendable phone at a price of $762.

The CPlus, a new conceptual smartphone with a totally flexible display, which can be worn as a band on a user’s wrist. Lenovo CPlus concepts are all about creating 100% flexible devices. Lenovo isn’t the only company that is tinkering with the idea of flexible displays and phones. Recently a report by Bloomberg said that Samsung will also launch its bendable smartphone with a flexible display at the 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The report in Bloomberg notes, Samsung will launch two new smartphones with bendable OLED displays.lenovo_cplusLenovo’s Folio tablet concept, a slate that folds in half to the size of a paperback. Hortensius said that much goes into making bendable device besides a flexible display. Other parts, such the battery and motherboard, need to fold, too. Device has to return to its original shape when it’s unfolded, another challenge met by the Folio.

As for the Folio tablet, when it is fully extended there’s a noticeable peak in the middle of the display where the device is folds. As Lenovo executive folded the screen like a book, the hinge itself became a curved screen not unlike what you would find on the new Galaxy S7 Edge, while half of the main screen functioned like a smartphone.