You have seen or used many projectors and observed that it is often big and heavy and difficult to carry, but the LG Electronics will solve this problem by introducing an affordable and lightweight projector, touted as a LG ProBeam Laser Projector. This compact laser projector is for those who are interested in portable device which can provide them a cinema like experience and don’t want to break the bank to buy a projector. Also read about LG Style 2 V smartphone at

LG ProBeam Laser Projector

As I mentioned above, it is a lightweight device weighs only 4.6 pounds, the company said that its about the size of the football. The newly announced laser projector is able to provide you a full HD, 120 inch picture at 2,000 Lumens of brightness. You can’t imagine this little projector offers you enough brightness which can even bright your room, while the mots projector does not offer this level of brightness.

“As a leader in LED projectors worldwide, LG is confident its expertise in the home entertainment sector will make its first compact laser projector a hit with customers,” LG Electronics USA head of product marketing Tim Alessi said. “LG is proud to continue pioneering the home cinema experience in dynamic ways.”


It is quite disappointing that LG ProBeam Laser Projector does not support 4K resolution display. This advanced laser projector comes with a company’s WebOS smart TV platform and also includes a LG Magic Remote, so users can control the projector easily and quickly with the remote.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, the projector come with two HDMI ports, two USB Type 2 ports, optical audio out, 3.5mm analog out, Ethernet. And digital TV tuner. For the sound, the projector includes two 3 watt speaker which gives you stereo playback. The laser projector also comes with the support for Bluetooth, so users can paired it with any Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

The LG ProBeam Laser Projector is available to purchase at online retailers, including Amazon, Newegg, and B&H, and the projector will cost $1,500.