Nest, best known for its smart thermostats product – has recently announced a new indoor security camera aptly named Nest Cam IQ. It contains a host of new and upgraded features over the original Nest Cam Indoor. It is made for indoor use and has new, smarter built-in capabilities that benefit from its high-resolution 4K video sensor to pay better attention to those situations where you need it most.

Nest Cam IQ Design

The Nest Cam IQ borrows heavily from the design aesthetic of the previous Nest Cam Outdoor with a clean white chassis attached to a surprisingly heavy base. It has a vaguely Pixar-like look to it, and satin-finish white with a highly but flexible neck as well as a little stand, though you can also mount on the wall.

Nest Cam IQ

There is a ring around the cam that illuminate in different colors simply depending on what condition the cam is in. green will indicate the camera is currently watching the room, and Blue will indicate two-way talking.

Nest Cam IQ Features

The Nest Cam IQ is having a 4K sensor that company is using to to show you beautifully balanced 1080 pixel imagery. So user do not get to stream things in 4K, but thanks to that 4K sensor and HDR, you should have better footage that will not ‘choke your connection’ by streaming in 4K all of the time.

That 4K sensor also allows the Cam IQ to zoom and track people it spots without losing quality or apply 12x zoom into specific areas while hanging onto that 1080p video. Nest calls this Supersight.

The camera has also feature a speakers that are 7 times more powerful as those in the original Nest Cam, as well as there is 3 microphone array onboard to help cancel out echoes and to gives up better background noise suppression.

Nest Cam IQ Price

It is available for pre-order in the U.S. now, and will cost $300, or $100 more than the Nest Cam and Nest Cam Outdoor. A two-pack will save you $100, and runs $498. Nest Cam IQ will launch pre-orders in a number of other markets shortly, and it is expected to ship starting at the end of June.