The VC07F50HUVB uses the same 700W motor and CycloneForce bag-less technology shared across the range, and adds a raft of floor-heads and tools, including a pet-specific turbo-brush head. The VC07F50HUVB boasts on-handle remote controls and metal telescopic tubes. It also has HEPA-class dust and allergy filtration, which sports the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval.


The VC07F50HUVB addresses this issue admirably. The pet-specific turbo-brush is great at picking up fluff balls, paw-print dirt and hairs around the home. The Eco Hard Floor head also turned in an excellent result cleaning up after our two dogs. In spite of the all-round blades that you might think would catch hairs, the fixed neck angle means that the blades regularly rise up at the front, allowing hairs to be sucked under.

It fits to the base of the ergonomically designed handle, which has several degrees of pivot relative to the hose, making for easy detail cleaning. At 7m long, the cable is of a decent length, but a little longer would do no harm. The VC07F50HUVB assembles quickly and easily, but bear in mind that you will need a cupboard to house all those floor-heads and tools. The large wheels allow it to move around easily and it will follow you around tenaciously when pulled by the hose.

The middle top mounted handle on the main body is ideally placed for grab-and-go maneuvers, and it is stable when perched on a step too. This Samsung weighs in at 5.5kg, adding a further 1.6kg with the hose and a floorhead attached. Noise output is a little under the EU label at 76dB, so even though it is not as quiet as a mouse, it is not intrusive either.


The Samsung VC07F50HUBV is a competent, bag-less cylinder vacuum let down by one or two niggles, but it is worth considering if you can get a good deal on it.