Samsung plans to use LG batteries in the future phones starting with the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is in serious talks with LG Chem about using its Korean arch-rival’s batteries in the smartphone. There is a strong chance that you could see the LG batteries in Samsung phones by the second half of 2017. Although it’s easy to assume that why Samsung plans to use LG batteries? Yes of course, because of its recent Galaxy Note 7 debacle or some battery issue associated with Samsung’s suppliers.


Neither Samsung nor LG commented so we won’t say that it is confirmed. However, it’s been reported that a fundamental change in attitude at Samsung, which has suffered both a bruised ego and financial damage as a result of Note 7 mess.

Currently, the company gets its batteries from its own division, Samsung SDI, and a Chinese company called ATL. Earlier the Galaxy Note 7 units initially used Samsung’s own batteries, then the Samsung suspected that these batteries were faulty. The company then replaced those batteries with ATL produced batteries.


However, battery explosions continued, meaning instead of batteries themselves, it’s more like Samsung’s overly ambitious design and hardware that caused too much pressure on the phone’s battery, making it explode.