Many people are intimidated when it comes to setting up an online presence. A large portion of these individuals have been in business before 1990 and haven’t quite got into the digital age. If you are one of those people, there are many ways you can break into the online world without extensive knowledge or technical background. In fact, many of them have easy interfaces that are self-explanatory and simplistic to use.


Content Management Systems

When it comes to setting up a website fast, few options are quicker than the content management systems. Essentially, these applications manage and maintain all of the coding and settings you’ll need for your website. All you need to do is add content. As you use the CMS regularly, you’ll begin to learn more of what it can do to help you succeed.

Web Designs

If a CMS isn’t what you want, then there are many tools that can help you custom build your website easily. Many of these tools will even supply free templates to help you get started right away. These DIY web design platforms can help you build exactly what you want in a short amount of time.

Social Media

Sites such as Facebook and Google+ can be used for more than just keeping in touch with friends and family. Once you learn how to add links to your site from these social hubs, you can gather attention and begin networking with others. Did you know that you can build separate pages for your business on both of these social sites? Instead of using your personal account, you can connect the business pages.


Although YouTube is considered a social media site, it can stand alone given it’s capabilities. By creating video advertisements or how-to videos, you can potentially generate interest from thousands of people. Since this is a free site to use, you can create a series of videos tailored for your business and even receive money through ad revenue from people watching the material.


Aside from Google+, the popular search engine has a plethora of easy to use tools that can enhance your online presence. Everything from business pages to free apps can help you build an online empire if you take the time to explore the possibilities. One of the first things you need to do, however, is make sure your business is listed in the search engine. Local mobile consumers can find your products and services easier that way.

It’s never too late to spend a few hours a week learning what the Internet can do for your business. While you may think your business is successful now, creating an online marketing strategy could amplify your annual income. Never assume that technology is too advanced for you. It may be much easier than you ever realized.