It is crucial that you are able to recognize when it’s time to change the hosting solution you are using as a WordPress user. The host that you choose will have a dramatic effect on the overall experience that visitors have when they go to your blog. If you want to improve the speed of your site and make your users a lot happier, you will definitely need to be aware of the following signs.

WordPress Web Hosting

  1. Your Website keeps Crashing

If you find that your website keeps going down on a fairly regular basis, it is probably time to change hosts. Your reputation will suffer each time your website crashes, so you will therefore need to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. There are lots of different free plugins that you can get to see just how often your website is going down, and it is highly recommended that you make use out of one to get this information right away.

  1. PHP-Related Internal Server Errors

Another sign that your current host just isn’t cutting it is the appearance of 500 internal server errors, which is a fairly common reason for some sites to suddenly go down. These errors can be caused by many different things though, such as installing themes or plugins that do not work with your version of WordPress. The best way to correct this problem is to change the amount of memory you are able to use on the wp-config.php file. But if you are currently using shared hosting, you will definitely want to think about switching to another kind immediately.

  1. Your host suspended your Website

While it is true that web hosts have the right to suspend your account for various reasons, it is typically due to the fact that your site has become compromised or it is used for some sort of illegal activity. Some hosts will suspend accounts just because they went past their usage limits though. The latter is something that you will be able to avoid by simply switching to another host that won’t put you through this kind of nightmare.

  1. Your Website is Unbearably Slow

Having an unbearably slow website is just unacceptable, and in many cases the host is to blame. Website speed is incredibly important these days, and slow loading times can lead to multiple requests being made of your server at a given time, which can slow it down even more. If your website has gotten slow because you simply do not have the bandwidth to handle the traffic going to it, you will want to begin looking for a host that can accommodate all of your needs.

  1. You have Outgrown your Hosting Plan

If your website has grown to the point where your hosting plan can no longer handle your needs, you will definitely need to find a host that can as soon as possible. The longer you stay with a host that is incapable of providing you with enough bandwidth and storage space, the more your site will suffer as a result. The fact is that sometimes people need to switch hosts because their requirements become too much for their host to handle. You might want to upgrade to a superior type of hosting, such as a VPS or even dedicated WordPress hosting. By doing this you will be able to preserve the overall functionality of your website and keep that steady flow of traffic coming.

  1. The Customer Support is no longer Adequate

Have you noticed that your host’s customer support just isn’t cutting it anymore? If so, a new hosting option should be considered. A poor customer support experience can be devastating for those who are trying to run a successful website, so you will have to make sure that your host can meet all of your support needs. You will definitely want a host that offers 24/7 support, because otherwise you are just inviting all sorts of issues. You never know when a serious problem with your hosting could occur, which is why you need access to support services both day and night. You will be very glad you decided to focus on this particular hosting feature.